26 May 2014

Why is there the existence of the need to know and to inform everything about something and to get to the bottom of every little thing. Is it really better to be fully aware of the past to enjoy the present. Because it might change and destroy the future. The future that might’ve been redemption of a past, or a chance to be better and to get better. I’m not wrong on this. At least that’s how i feel. And there is no other way to believe in something. 

Sometimes we learn something from the past that changes everything in the present.

26 MAY 2014

If there’s anything i’ve learnt from the first school year of university, It’s that we can’t get involved too much. Because lets face it, 90% of the things that upset us are beyond our control, and to try to change that would only multiply the tyranny of insane feelings and pointless emotions. And for what? It’s not really a thing that i have learnt through uni, it’s more like an accumulation of small events that have led up to a revelation that the only thing that’s really in our control is our ability to filter our thoughts and be in power of our happiness. 

But, this is not a bad thing really. 

I guess, i am not fazed when people lay their shit on me about how someone is acting out, or being a dick, or how they’re confused by the human behaviour and the happenings in their day that have made them upset, and they talk about it again and again, so much so that all the real problems in the world seem to be minimised by their selfish-ness and the NEED for them to find solutions to someone else’s issues, that might not even be a problem to that person. I hate people that see problems and flaws in people and try to fix them. 

All i really say to them now is, live and let live. All i say is, just let it go and let them be. All i say is, why do you care so much. And most of the time, even they don’t understand why they care so much. It isn’t love, it isn’t genuine concern, it isn’t friendship. Its to be in control , even if it means control of someone else’s life or behaviour. 


Matured is first to Apologise

Strong is first to Forgive

Happy is first to Forget